Tuesday {Tidbits} Frozen Fruit

by Nutrition Fruition on January 10, 2017

Tuesday {Tidbits}

A Tuesday Tradition.  A Trick.  A Tip.

Frozen Fruit

Frozen berry on turquoise background top view

I always preach that fresh, raw, and vine-ripened is best.  But when it comes to making my Juice Plus+ Complete shakes or simple green smoothies, I have a tendency to lean towards frozen.  I enjoy my shakes & smoothies when they are extra frosty, even in the winter.  And I hesitate to add ice because the ice melts quickly here, waters down the consistency, changing the texture of my drink.

Purchasing frozen fruit is easy & affordable enough that I tend not to freeze fresh fruits myself, apart from bananas.  I also appreciate the ability to use recipes that require fruits that are currently not in-season.  Like this amazing tropical treat…

coconut-chia-strawberry-shake-sofiasideas  {coconut chia strawberry shake}

If I relied solely on fresh and in-season, my choices would be limited.  And I just enjoy this part of my day too much to give it up.  Yes, we can certainly freeze our own while it is in-season, so we can have it on hand throughout the year.  But honestly, ain’t nobody got time for that!  *giggle*

But when our life shifts a bit, and we’re actually growing more than what we can consume, we’ll definitely do this.  And we’ll do it right so that we’re retaining as much nutrition as possible in the process.


What about you?  Do you use fresh or frozen?


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